Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's NOT a Good Thing

While I was working on my last project I messed up towards the end. I thought to myself that "IT WAS NOT A GOOD THING" to do and I put it in my memory bank so I would not do that again. Then I thought of the name of my blog "Martha DON'T Do It!" and I remembered Martha famous saying of "Good Thing", so I thought I would start my own saying of it's "NOT a Good Thing".

#1: After applying Mod Podge to the front of my plaques I was going to apply some rope on the edges. This ended up not looking right so I took the rope off and thought I would just pull the hot glue right off. Well I learned that it is NOT A GOOD THING to try. Apparently when I put the hot glue on top of the Mod Podge it all melted together, therefore when I went to remove the hotglue it was almost impossible to do so. I ended up having to sand and pull and sand and pull at the hotglue until it and some of the Mod Podge came off. That is why I had to attach the ribbon to the front of the plaques and is why I ultimately sent the Valentine plaque redo to the project grave.

Stay tuned for more postings of it's "NOT a Good Thing"!


Rambling Girl said...

Thanks for the Not a Good Thing! I need to know all these things before I start on my great plan.

hey go over to Carrie's Little World..she just did a post on her Momongram and she used ribbon to hang hers art will see what I was talking about..I have seen this all over blogland.

Tam said...

Yeah most of my projects end up in the grave tooo. I spend more money on stuff that never works out. At least in Blogland on can delete a post I don't like and it did not cost me a dime.