Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What kind of Blog Title is This?

Being that this is my first post I will provide some insight.

I am mom to twin girls and engaged to a wonderful man with twin sons. I guess you could call us the We are the New Age Brady Bunch. We have custody of all 4 children so life gets pretty hectic at times, but this is all we know and we love it!

I TRY to be a coupon mom, but I have found I lack the organizational skills to actually be good at it.

I have an obsession with spray paint and will spray anything.

I love to TRY to be crafty, but for some reason my projects never turn out like others. I usually have to get my fiance, Alex, to help me (which I am thankful he actually enjoys working on projects with me and he is GOOD at them). The running joke around our house is that whenever I attempt a new project he says "Oh NO, Martha DON'T do it!" I enjoy trying to recreate Martha Stewart crafts (along with things all you other wornderful blogging crafty monms make) , but I am no Martha that is for sure.

I am also obsessed with buying storage containers oh yea and I can't forget picture frames. (Whew the relief I felt when I discovered I was not the only one that had stockpiles of both.....I was sure to call the fiance over so he could witness other ladies' stockpiles, I think he mumled that we were all crazy, he he).

Hopefully one day I will be as good as all of the other crafty moms and my creations will inspire others, but if not I guess I will just settle knowing that maybe I made your day a little better after making you laugh at my attempts.


Rambling Girl said...

Welcome to the blog world! I can realte to you as in the part of Martha. There are so many wonderful blogs of women who can create beautiful things...I just hope from reading and joining in some swaps I can find out first hand how to create a few things so others might enjoy also.

Oh yeah I am Beth and from not to far from AL. Gonna follow you if you don't mind. Come visit! Look forward to making a new friend.

Tam said...

I have NO crafty bones in me! I drool all over blog land and then try to do something and it looks a mess. I am a woman that painted her Powder Room three different colors in a week and still I am thinking about another color as I type this! Welcome...I came over from Rambling Girl!